08 septiembre 2004

Hey, You Said It

Clay Aiken: "Skinny, little dork."


07 septiembre 2004

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times delivers a somewhat scathing review of a self-aggrandizing ESPN on the day after their 25th anniversary bash.

ESPN has been beating us over the head with this 25th anniversary nonsense for 4 months. While a 25th anniversary show may have seemed unlikely in 1980, who among us could have doubted that its tenure as the "Worldwide Leader In Sports" would wane any time in the last two decades? Or that the network has defied the odds by lasting this long? It's kind of ridiculous.

Easy for me to say. I'm an ESPN junky, mad at my dependence but too hooked to consider kicking the addiction or shaking the mokey off my back. I love clip shows as much as the next guy, but this is somewhat unfair. It's taking advantage of an audience that worships the very cable station ESPN treads on during a time when there is nothing else on the entire spectrum of reruns to watch.

ESPN seems omnipresent to me. The station debuted when I was 3 and we got cable when I was 9, so it's difficult for me to remember what TV was like without them. I thank them for developing a 24-hour sports news network and I love that they have some type of athletic competition somewhere at all hours of the day. I can always be sated. But please, please finish with this. This is not the "season of the Fan," ESPN. Not even close. This here is your time. And that's fine. You deserve it. But don't be like the kid on the playground who not only beat everyone at dodgeball but made them feel bad about it by bragging about it later.

Happy 25th, ESPN. Now leave me alone.


03 septiembre 2004

Proof That You Can Run Out of Interesting People

Everyone check me out on Gothamist.com. I'm their interview today!


01 septiembre 2004

What's He Going To Tell Them?

When the President addresses NYC firefighters today, how will he explain that the funds that he didn't send to NYC after 9/11 resulted directly in the closing of 6 firehouses? How will he explain that the widows of their fallen brothers won't be receiving the money that they were promised because President Bush didn't send it along? How will he explain that NYC is no safer than it was 3 years ago and that he isn't doing anything about it? How will he explain that there are more chemical suits than firefighters in Montana but there aren't enough to go around here? How can he explain that every firehouse in Wyoming is mobile and ready to go with the most technologically advanced gear to combat terror and biological attacks but only one house in NYC is?

The Village Voice does a pretty damn good job.


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