25 agosto 2003

Señor Wences and a Brief Recap

The good Señor is blissfully enjoying the beautiful weather that has finally beset the Northeast. These past three days have been absolutely beautiful and I'd like to personally thank Bill Gates for responding to my plea to turn things down a bit. After all, the good Señor enjoys a good schvitz, but one should not be schvitzing 24/7. After a brief hiatus, I am back to show you the world as I see it, which I think we can all agree can be an awfully scary prospect.

1) The Blackout. I, myself, fairly lucky. I work on the 4th floor of a building and I live on the 5th, so very little walking involved for me. However, this young woman (though she hasn't told the Internet world yet) was stuck on the 6 train for several hours. A few belated comments about our little technological glitch.
a) 50 million people lost power? Con Edison fucked up. Canada fucked up. Ohio fucked up. You know who's going to take the blame? Some schmuck in podunk who fell asleep at the switchboard on Thursday afternoon is going to end up losing his job because of the grandest display of incompetence since shooting wrapped on My Boss's Daughter. It's not his fault. We have a stilted, outmoded way of distributing power and a freak occurance opened up a glaring hole in our system. You'd think when something happens in 1965, they would take to fixing it. No, they waited 38 years for it to happen again. Should I expect this again in 2041?
b) I like to see that ingenuity and business sense are still thriving in our floundering economy. The bodegas have been selling "I Suvived The Blackout" t-shirts for a week and a half. God bless this free market economy. I actually saw someone wearing one also.
c) The good Señor appeared on WABC's Eyewitness news with his roommates on Friday morning. It's a good thing the power was out and my mother couldn't see it. I hadn't shaved in days. I was weaing a t-shirt from a contracting company that I stole from a college friend. This is how I make my TV debut? Figures.

2) The Recall. OK, there was a moment of panic. But Gallagher is still on the ballot. I repeat, Gallagher is still on the ballot. I was concerned that he was going to be unable to get his melon-smashing agenda to the masses. Is anyone else sick of Arnold Schwarzenegger yet? I was watching Meet The Press yesterday and there's a Newsweek poll that show that Arnie is trailing Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante by almost 15% among recall candidates. It's good to see that the Californians haven't totally lost their minds. Of course, 5 Republican candidates are splitting the Conservative vote right now, which begs the question of how much pressure the party is going to put on Pete Ueberroth and the other candidate to drop out and swing their votes to Arnie. I must say I'm interested to see the results. Voting for someone because you've "tried everything else" doesn't seem like the right reason.

3) My Shockey article. If you haven't seen it, Flak Magazine published my article on the Jeremy Shockey/homo flap. If you haven't read it and would like to, look to your right. There it is. No, one more down. That's the one.

4) The New York Football Jets. It's awfully depressing to have your team's season end before it begins. Chad Pennington is down for 12 weeks, which is essentially the whole season. The back-up is going to be 40 in November. Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Don Vincenzo, Signor Vinny, Vinny Vidi Vici, whatever. But the man is so brittle, they held him out of almost all of the preseason games. The Jets offense has already been like every date I go on. All pressure, no score. You catch my drift? Terry Bradway, this is a call to arms. We need to bring someone in who can jump right into the system. Someone who can be the #2 guy next year.

S'OK? S'awright.


13 agosto 2003

Señor Wences and the Dog Days

Does someone want to call Bill Gates and have him adjust his weather control device? It seems to me that the last days of August are always just an uncomfortable prelude to the best season of the year but these last few have seemed particularly brutal. They haze just hangs and the air is thick, like you're breathing the stuff that you'd drop on the slide in Biology class to get the amoebas to move slowly enough to see. In New York this is particularly upsetting, given the way the tall buildings trap the air and make it oppresively hot.

This time of year makes everything a little slower, a little lazier. Everyone is taking their summer vacation, so there's less to be done around the office. Everyone walks around, seemingly without purpose; nowhere to be and no reason to be there. I am perfectly fine with this.

The last few nights, I've been sitting out on the terrace with my roommates and just enjoying some music and the night air which, thankfully, has been cooler than its daytime counterpart. It's a gift that I've been given, being able to sit out on my terrace and not have to worry about a single thing other than watching the people scuttle back and forth. I can grill a burger or some chicken and just sit outside and eat while everything just kind of happens around me. I'm lucky.

I'm lucky because for all the nonsense and superficial stupidity that I put myself through on a day-to-day basis, I can sit out on a cool-ish night and just watch what's around me. I think that's pretty cool.

S'OK? S'awright.


08 agosto 2003

Señor Wences and the State of Things

1) The debate rages on about gay marriage. See Ari and the Yeti for the opposing sides of this debate, as well as some related sites that are weighing in on the issue. I have made my thoughts on this issue clear and do not wish to regurgitate that which I have already made clear. However, I cannot help myself. The cries that this is an issue of legal definition is a cop out of the worst kind. This is hatred, pure and simple. It is a clear and enthusiastic dismissal of a lifestyle different from their own. You can comment all you want to the contrary. I remain unconvinced.

2) Gigli has officially supassed From Justin to Kelly as the IMDb's #1 of their bottom 100 movies. I have not seen either of these movies but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there is no way that Gigli is worse than From Justin to Kelly. I'm sorry. I just don't see it. I'm sure Gigli is impossibly horrible with a bad plot and horrendous acting. But let's be real. From Justin to Kelly has two people in it barely qualified to watch movies, much less be in them. I think that this is a gross mistake. I'm beginning the campaign to return From Justin to Kelly back to #1. Who's with me?

3) I guess it's time to say something about the Gubernatorial race in California. For starters, could this possibly have turned into a bigger farce? Look at the list of candidates that they have here. Gary Coleman? I have no doubt he could rustle up 65 signatures, but how did he scrape up $3500? Isn't this guy selling his crap on eBay? As for Arnold, I don't agree with his politics. However, he's got every right to run and wouldn't begrudge him that right. That notwithstanding, he's got a legitmate chance to win this thing based solely on his popularity. This would be a huge mistake. He has zero experience running anything. And if you are going to throw Ronald Reagan at me, understand that he was Mayor of Thousand Oaks and served a couple of terms as president of the Screen Actors Gulid. He at least had experience leading something. He's running on his movie credits. Californians need to realize that he stands against a whole lot of things that they stand for, like medicinal marijuana, environmental protection and breast implants. Arnold is not the answer there. California needs a strong leader with progressive ideas. I think the answer is clear. Vote Larry Flynt.

4) I don't think I'm ever more entertained than when I see Al Sharpton on television. I caught him on the O'Reilly Factor a few days ago and he's still insane. His advisors have gotten him to tone down the song and dance routine a little bit, so the suits are nicer and the hair is smaller but the craziness is still there. The funny thing is if he didn't hate Jews so much, I'd be much more willing to listen to him. The New York Observer has a great article on his candidacy and even alludes to some of the O'Reilly interview. I tend to disagree with the assertion that Sharpton will be a factor in this race at all, especially given John Edwards strength in the South, but the article makes some interesting points. There's just a little too much Modus Tollens, "if then" stuff in it for me to be convinced.

5) Finally, I moved. Where do you ask? Why just a block and a half from Señor Wences Way. There will be a picture on the home page forthcoming.

S'OK? S'awright.


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